Redefining "active" wear

The story really does originate from when I was around 14 years old, and my mom started working retail at a premium athletic wear store. It was a brand that was getting really popular, and everyone was wearing it– everyone still wears it. 

Ironically, this brand is still the bar for quality sportswear, so much so that everyone copies them. They recently did a marketing stunt where they hosted an event, in which people could trade in their amazon “dupe” leggings for their “original dupe”. The “original dupe” is still made out of polyester fabric, still made in China and really the main difference is that it’s much more expensive.

My mom was a single mom working a lot to support me, so I mainly wore her hand me downs from that store. I loved the clothes, but having sensitive skin, I never really loved how it felt.

However, it was really my only option for activewear, just at a basic comfort level– and as an active girl, that’s what I had to wear for the whole day. I loved the way some of the designs looked, I just couldn’t wait to take off my clothes at the end of a long day, and just let my skin breathe. I started to feel it.

There is a feeling on the skin, especially more severe with people with eczema (something I dealt with under stress), and there were much more uncomfortable sensations in the vagina as well. The vagina requires a very specific environment in order to breathe. If it doesn’t breathe, this can cause discomfort, discharge and yeast infections. Was this the best option? Really?

Now, 13 years later, I still don’t see an activewear brand that meets my needs as a woman. I wanted to create something that redefines athleisure. I wanted to create a brand that is chic, practical and also sustainable.

The modern woman, let’s say– is busy. She is going to the gym. She is going to work. She is always running around. And she is breastfeeding in between!

How DENGA drops work

I wanted to create a sustainable, premium activewear brand where women can get the minimal capsule collection of their dreams.

The first drop is the “Live In" set, a bra and underwear set that is also designed to be your go to bikini. It is your workout bra. It is your daily underwear. It is softer, naturally breathable, and dries faster than synthetic bikinis. Most importantly, it is optimal for feminine health. It will be layered under the next drops, and is the building block of the DENGA brand.

The next drop will be the New York Skort, which will not look out of place in a cocktail party, or a tennis court. The third drop will be a blazer dress that you can layer with the New York Skort and Live In Set. You can walk into the gym wearing all DENGA pieces, do your workout, head over to your next meeting, then finish the night in your favorite club.